Why Us

Once a client decides to allocate funds to market research, it is critical that the right research firm be selected.

Marketing research is not a commodity, and research firms vary greatly in their professional integrity, methodological skills, commitment to quality, and ability to identify and clearly state the most critical findings and their implications.

As we always advise potential clients, above all choose a research firm that you trust and a person with whom you feel comfortable.

We firmly believe Spectrum Associates has all of the qualities that warrant your trust and comfort.

Specifically, Spectrum Associates:

Has provided top quality research services for over 35 years

Has extensive experience in the full range of qualitative and quantitative research methods
Proposes a research design that is best suited to each client’s needs, rather than falling into the trap of proposing methodologies due to capability limitations or overhead/profit considerations
Is, by design, a small research firm, enabling the company principals to have extensive personal involvement with each client and to be fully engaged in the project from beginning to end
Is known for its rigorous attention to detail and quality control

Maintains professional integrity and objectivity at all times

Is marketing savvy, providing clients with readable and actionable reports that include critical insights for effective decision-making