Our Services

Spectrum Associates has expertise in the full range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, including:

Focus groups

Focus Groups

one on one interviews, in-depth

In-Depth Interviews

Telephone surveys, telephone interviews

Telephone Surveys

online surveys, panel surveys

Online Surveys

mall intercept, in store

Mall- and Store-Intercept Surveys

Focus Groups

Spectrum Associates has conducted over 900 focus groups with diverse business and consumer target markets. Business-to-business focus group participants have included: C-level administrators, managing partners of law firms as well as associate attorneys, legislators, architects, engineers, insurance brokers, employee benefits managers, physicians, nurses, mental health clinicians, REALTORS®, criminal justice system practitioners, office managers, and college faculty and staff.

Consumer focus groups have not only included traditional consumers, but also such specific segments as: high-net-worth participants, closed account/lost customers, senior citizens, students (college, high school and middle school), cancer patients, mental health patients, probationers, and do-it-yourselfers.

In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)

Spectrum Associates has conducted many executive IDI studies. These interviews have included both telephone interviews and in-person interviews conducted across the country. These interviews are conducted by our professional staff.

Telephone Surveys

Spectrum Associates has conducted hundreds of quantitative telephone survey projects, with samples ranging from 100 to 4,000. While we are very selective about the field firms with whom we work, it is our policy to personally brief every study interviewer on the questionnaire for the project, listen to every interviewer conduct at least one live interview to ensure that only those who meet our standard work on our project, and provide feedback and advice at the interviewer debriefing. This intense training process ensures that high quality data is obtained for our telephone surveys.

Online Surveys

Spectrum Associates has conducted a variety of online surveys with diverse respondents, including: consumer and business-to-business panels, client employees, and client customers and members. That said, we fully understand the pros and cons of online surveys, and we:

  • only recommend online data collection when we believe this approach is appropriate; and
  • take every precaution possible to ensure the projectability of the sample and data.

Mall- and Store-Intercept Interviews

Spectrum Associates has conducted many mall- and store-intercept interview studies across the country. Many of these studies are conducted for law firms as part of “level of confusion” studies. Spectrum Associates’ quality control efforts include personally briefing the interviewers at each mall or store location to ensure that participants are approached, screened and interviewed according to our standards and guidelines.