We believe the best way to show evidence of our successful research partnerships is for you to hear what our clients say about their experiences working with Spectrum Associates. Provided below are a few testimonials from a sample of our clients.
“I used Spectrum Associates for several projects including a mall survey that I needed yesterday for a very important case. The company worked 24 hours a day to complete the survey accurately and professionally in 4 days… yes! 4 days. I think of them as the Harry Houdini of data collection. They made magic happen when I thought I could not make the deadline.”
Michael Kamins, Ph.D.

Expert Witness Director of Research, Stony Brook University College of Business

“Having used the research services of Spectrum Associates for more than a decade, we are very pleased to write a few words about our experiences.

Spectrum Associates has provided the New York State Bar Association with a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research services including: member and lapsed-member satisfaction focus groups and surveys; a state-wide economics of law practice survey; a law-practice management survey with managing partners; focus groups to inform the design of our marketing communications; and research on specific market segments. We have been consistently pleased with Spectrum Associates’ ability to understand the characteristics of our target audiences, and to provide insightful and actionable results.

Having done business with Spectrum Associates for so many years, we have come to know the founder, Eliot Hartstone, Ph.D., on a personal basis. We very much enjoy working with Eliot, and we are very comfortable vouching for him as a highly competent and trusted researcher. We recommend Spectrum Associates without hesitation.”

Richard J. Martin

Associate Executive Director New York State Bar Association, New York State Bar Association

“Spectrum Associates has been a valuable contributor to a wide range of projects for Policy Research Associates, Inc. for over 20 years. The funders of these projects varied widely reflecting the breadth of Spectrum Associates’ substantive and methodological skills.

The project funders include multiple studies for the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the U.S. Capitol Police, and the National Institute of Mental Health.

Spectrum Associates’ contributions were instrumental to our projects’ success, and the focus group studies relied on Dr. Hartstone’s special abilities to design focus group discussion guides for and moderate focus groups with diverse and challenging target audiences. Specifically, Dr. Hartstone conducted focus groups with such divergent participants as high level mental health and criminal justice administrators, behavioral health clinicians, parolees, and mental health clients.

Spectrum Associates’ reports were always comprehensive and incisive. They aptly targeted our research and policy questions, and provided plenty of supporting data without excessive text. We used these reports to directly inform agency program reports and fact sheets, issue briefs, and prepare peer reviewed journal articles. This continues to be an important collaboration for PRA with Spectrum Associates as a valued partner in much of our research.”

Henry J. Steadman, Ph.D.

President, Policy Research Associates

“Spectrum Associates has always been an exceptional partner and is one of our go to suppliers when we have a business question that needs answering. Their team is extremely knowledgeable, can quickly handle complex questions or requests and are easy to work with. Our timelines are always met and reporting is always accurate and actionable with implications and recommendations always incorporated as part of our deliverables. They are truly experts in the market research area. It is a pleasure to work with the Spectrum Associates’ team.”
Steve Araujo

Market Research Project Manager, Cigna

“I have worked with Spectrum Associates extensively for many years on both qualitative and quantitative projects, and have continually been impressed with the firm’s high-quality product and attention to detail. I have appreciated their willingness to collaborate on methodologies and strategic approaches, and they are always willing to tackle even the most challenging projects.

In addition, I have always been impressed with Spectrum’s exceptional, insightful analysis and thorough, user-friendly written reports. As an advertising agency, we are constantly seeking ways to deliver a high level of value to our clients. When Spectrum Associates has been retained on our clients’ behalf, we have never been disappointed. I highly recommend Spectrum Associates.”

Kim Manning

Partner/Chief Operating Officer, Cronin and Company, LLC

“I have used the team at Spectrum Associates over several years while at The Hartford, and now in managing the market research team at Travelers. Dr. Hartstone is a fantastic moderator, able to run successful groups no matter the type of respondent, from consumers to high level executives.

Spectrum Associates’ approach to working with clients is one of strong engagement. They roll up their sleeves to understand the key business issues at hand. The research design is thoughtful and creative, yet realistic. I have used Spectrum Associates for both qualitative and quantitative projects, at different levels of complexity, with great success. The reports are the right mix of summarizing key implications while providing the detail necessary to support proper understanding.

Eliot and Dorinda are also professional and engaging, so that I am very comfortable putting them in front of my clients in planning sessions and presentation discussions.

They work on my projects with a sense of urgency and ownership. I highly recommend Spectrum Associates, and I look forward to continued success in using them for my research projects.”

Matt Sternat, MBA

Vice President, Enterprise Market Research, Travelers Insurance

“It is with great pleasure and confidence that I recommend Spectrum Associates for any and all research needs.

I have worked with the team at Spectrum for over 10 years. Spectrum Associates’ commitment to their clients is unparalleled. As a client, I have always felt that they exhibit a true understanding of our business needs and objectives. We have formed a genuine partnership with them over the years. We rely heavily on research results and Spectrum’s interpretation of the results to guide us in product development, increasing brand awareness, and understanding customer satisfaction and market opportunity.

Spectrum is very responsive and very accommodating. They go out of their way to meet our needs. We have been very pleased with Spectrum Associates and will continue to recommend and enjoy a partnership with them for many years to come.”

Audra Hamel

Vice President, Research and Development Manager, Liberty Bank

“The people at Spectrum Associates are more than researchers; they really perform as valued partners in solving business and marketing questions. Eliot dug-in to our business, spending as much time understanding our business as he did with the actual research need. Having that context results in solutions, not just answers – whether we were working on simple questions or multi-faceted initiatives that would drive our strategic programs. It’s also a demonstration of how Spectrum Associates operates. Tremendous thought and great care went into the design of every study and the analysis has always been clear and insightful. Their work with us didn’t stop with the report though – they brought insights to brainstorming and strategy sessions, serving as a valuable contributor. Eliot interfaced seamlessly with our ad agency and was a voice of credibility in presentations with our executives and our board of directors. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Spectrum Associates in two settings – a regional retail bank and a national credit scoring developer and would not hesitate to seek their assistance again.”
Mike Dunn

Formerly Vice President, Strategic Planning and Communications, VantageScore Solutions, LLC